November 2019 (due Sep 15): 7-8 lbs whole highly-pastured, marbled Bresse Chicken (farm pickup)

Higher nutrition from higher degree of *natural live-food foraging*

Pastured, beyond-organic-fed, rotationally grazed chicken, with rich, marbled meat

(7-8 lbs, 2-3 whole chickens, optionally dressed no charge)

(One-time pick up at the farm, on a week near beginning of November, weather dependent, emailed in advance)

  • Bred in France for hundreds of years for a high-pasture diet
  • American Bresse are imported from the Bresse region of France, and we give them more pasture than the French Bresse standard.
  • Bresse “has the reputation of being the best quality table chicken in the world”.
  • In 1825, one of the world's first and greatest foodies, the 19th-century epicure and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, described the bird as "the queen of chickens, and the chicken of kings".
  • *pastured on >1200 square feet per chicken per year* on diverse vegetation for vitamins, minerals, soil biota, and your nutrition: higher omega-3s, CLAs, & vitamin E
  • *rotationally grazed* for avoiding pathogen cycles, with clean pasture and a fresh salad every day
  • *beyond-organic fed* with feed mix having no soy and a huge diversity of over 80 all-organic ingredients
  • *humanely bred* for mobility, very low stress, health, & heartiness
  • *ethically selected*, growing both males and females
  • *able to express natural species behavior*, foraging, scratching, digging, & thrivng
  • *harvested ethically* for very low stress hormones, precision dressing for maximum nutrition, & no artificial chemicals
  • *exceeding the animal welfare standards* of even the Polyface and French Bresse methods
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