November 2020: 1 doz pastured Duck Eggs

Pastured, high iron, vitamin D, beta-carotene, vitamin A, D3, E, B12, K2 MK-4, CLA, & omega-3 duck eggs

Our duck eggs are even more nutrient dense than our chicken eggs, and can be prepared similarly to chicken eggs in any egg recipe, including cooking, frying, and baking.  Duck eggs have a richer taste, texture, and can give baking fluffier cakes, taller meringue, and bind better with gluten-free flours.  (We've converted all of our baking to ancient grains, which the duck eggs complement wonderfully.)

* Please note: duck eggs do not look as pristine as our chicken eggs, even after our washing process, since we let our ducks play in the water.  :)

* Duck eggs are about 1/3 larger than chicken eggs, and with their greater richness, we find that eating one duck egg is about as filling as two chicken eggs.  After repeatedly being stuffed and still having leftovers, we had to cut back our portions!

* Duck eggs are particularly high in iron, vitamin D, and the very important omega-3s.  Ours are rotationally grazed at >1200 square feet per duck per year, which is >10 times the Certified Human Pasture Raised standard of 108.

* Beyond-organic-fermented-fed with feed mix including a huge diversity of over 80 all-organic ingredients.

* Rotationally grazed on diverse vegetation for soil biota, avoiding pathogen cycles, with clean pasture and a fresh salad always available.  Their nutrition is your nutrition.

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