November 2021: 2 pastured slow-cook, Slow Food acclaimed Cayuga Heritage Ducks (due Nov 5)

Slow Food acclaimed, highly pastured, beyond-organic-fed, rotationally grazed, slow-cook Cayuga heritage duck

* Higher nutrition from higher degree of natural live-food foraging

* Pastured, beyond-organic-fermented-fed, rotationally grazed, slow-cook, amazing-beyond-words duck meat

* A top dietary source of vitamin K2 MK-4 (Dr. Weston Price's "Activator X"); high vitamin B5.

(5-6 lbs, 2 whole heritage Cayuga ducks, optionally dressed no charge)

(One-time pick up at the farm, on a week near beginning of November, weather dependent, emailed in advance)

  • The Cayuga breed is recognized in the Slow Food International Ark of Taste. The Cayuga Duck is listed as “threatened” on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List. They are also globally endangered.  We breed them here on-farm.
  • The Cayuga Duck is a breed developed from a pair of wild ducks that a miller found on his pond in 1809, in Duchess County, New York. Later, descendants of those birds were brought to Orange County, New York where they multiplied. John S. Clark introduced the birds to Cayuga County, New York in the Finger Lakes region in 1840. There, the ducks quickly gained popularity as table birds and for their ability to lay many eggs. The breed was named ‘Cayuga’ after the native people of the area.
  • *pastured on >1200 square feet per duck per year*, which is >10 times the Certified Human Pasture Raised standard of 108
  • pastured on diverse vegetation for vitamins, minerals, soil biota, and your nutrition: higher omega-3s, CLAs, & vitamin E
  • pasture maintained with a minimum of 95% live forage cover
  • rotationally grazed for avoiding pathogen cycles, with clean pasture and a fresh salad every day
  • beyond-organic-fermented-fed with feed mix including no soy and a huge diversity of over 80 all-organic ingredients
  • humanely bred & raised for mobility, very low stress, health, & heartiness
  • ethically selected, growing both males and females
  • able to express natural species behavior, foraging, digging, & bathing; thriving
  • outdoor enrichments of shade, sun, fresh daily bath, dry nesting area
  • entire life on farm with continuous outdoor living on pasture by 4 weeks of age
  • harvested ethically with no road time, for very low stress hormones, precision dressing for maximum nutrition, & no artificial chemicals
  • exceeding the animal welfare standards of even the Polyface and Global Animal Partnership methods
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