• We go to great lengths to grow healthier food because we do it first for our family, to improve our health.  Like many of you, we are on the journey out of the Standard American Diet (SAD, with the health issues it brings) and moving into whole, nourishing foods.  We've successfully used nutrition to address personal health issues in our family.  We work toward health in all its forms, for us and those in our sphere of influence.
  • Our foods are carefully selected for traits like high levels of phytonutrients, beta carotene, antioxidants, omega 3, & vitamins, and grown to exceed the nutrition of other foods available locally, going beyond natural, beyond just "avoiding bad stuff", to delivering nutrient dense foods.  Our foods fit well into eating plans including WAPF / Wise Traditions, GAPS (& SCD), ancestral, heritage, primal, paleo, AIP, Whole30, Daniel, Maker's, mito, and ketogenic.
  • Our farming practices go beyond humane to happy, beyond conservation and beyond sustainable to regenerative. We orchestrate these knowledge-intensive practices to reinforce each other, to enhance the nutritional content of the food.  We optimize for human health, and as a natural consequence this optimizes for environment, water, soil, plant, and animal health.
  • Inspirations:
  • What is "regenerative" farming?
    • Regenerative is a broad term for agricultural practices that go beyond sustainability (sustain what we have now), intending to continuously improve the health of the whole system, including soil, plants, animals, and people.
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"You live by writing your poems on a farm and call that farming."
- Robert Frost