Recipes for purple nutrient-dense potato

Potatoes have the highest concentration of nutrients in the skin - keep that!  You don't have to worry about removing toxic chemicals, because on yours there are none.  :)

"Cooking potatoes and then chilling  them for about 24 hours before you eat them (even if you reheat them) turns a high-glycemic vegetable into a  low- or moderate-glycemic vegetable.  Paradoxically, combining potatoes with oil  (French fry alert!) helps keep them from  disrupting your metabolism." -  Hoooray for leftovers!

These recipes are hand picked for our varieties:

Roasted Purple Potatoes with Lemon, Dijon & Thyme Dressing

Roasted garlic purple mashed potatoes

Roasted purple potatoes with lemon-dijon-thyme dressing

Roasted sweet and purple potatoes with green chili cilantro chimichurri